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Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning

Since June 2017, ProfiLehre offers a new series of lectures and workshops on university didactics called Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning|Internationalisierung der Hochschuldidaktik. With an eye toward the challenges of globally oriented university education, ProfiLehre now provides lecturers at JMU and the partner universities of the Bavarian network ProfiLehrePlus a wide range of opportunities to optimise their teaching strategies. 

Analogous to the five areas of focus that comprise the regular seminar program, the lectures and workshops of Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning give participants the opportunity to focus on the following key aspects of teaching while forking towards obtaining their certificate:

  • Culturally sensitive approaches to teaching / International Classroom (Area A)
  • English language usage in education (Area B)
  • Contemporary discourses in the Field of Teaching and Learning in English (Areas A-E)
  • Intercultural sensitisation / reflection (Area D)
  • Advising international students (Area E)

Structurally, all seminar and coaching offers fit semlessly into the existing program for acquisition of the Zertifikat Hochschullehre Bayern. The lectures, workshops and coaching on internationalisation are considered elementary level courses (Grundstufe) and are therefore provided free of charge.
Overview of certificates

Last but not least, these ProfiLehre courses also serve as a platform for cooperative exchange between international and German lecturers and thus contribute meaningfully to successful "internationalisation at home".  
Current workshop program

Within the framework of individual or group coaching, one may also engage in focused work on specific topics and issues relating to diversity-conscious teaching practice. We are happy to provide participants with a coach who has a relevant background.Information and advisement on university coaching

ProfiLehre contact person:
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